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Jalal Medical Educational Services (Pvt.) Ltd

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Jalal Medical Educational Services (Pvt.) Ltd.

Jalal Medical Educational Services (PVT) Ltd. is registered with Securities and exchange commission of Pakistan (SECP) under section 16 of companies act, 2017(XIX of 2017). It is an esteemed organization renowned for its exceptional contribution in the field Medial education & healthcare services since 2006. With a distinguished presence across multiple educational campuses of Health Sciences, it’s unwavering commitment lies in delivering unparalleled quality in education and healthcare services. Notable establishments under its purview include the esteemed Allied College of Health Sciences situated on Bahawalpur Bypass Road Multan, the esteemed Allied College of Health Sciences Khanewal, the esteemed Jalal Campus located on Khanewal Road Multan, and the esteemed Bahauddin Zakriyah Institute of Health Science (BZIHS) Multan. With a visionary outlook, Jalal Medical Educational Services Pvt Ltd harbors ambitious plans to further elevate It’s impact on Medical Education & healthcare sector. These visionary plans encompass the establishment of the esteemed Allied General & Teaching Hospital, currently undergoing development and set to accommodate 200 beds. Additionally, organization is diligently working towards the establishment of the Allied Medical & Dental College, Looking ahead, Jalal Medical Educational Services Pvt Ltd has set its sight for conversion of its educational institutes into degree awarding institute (DAI) these visionary project seeks to integrate a comprehensive array of medical education / healthcare facilities, fostering a dynamic and synergistic ecosystem dedicated to serving the community with utmost excellence. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Jalal Medical Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. stands as an eminent organization at the forefront advancing Medical Education & elevating the standards of healthcare services, and profoundly impacting the holistic well-being of individuals and the communities it serve.