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Quality Enhancement Cell


As it is an established fact that pharmacist has the key role in health care industry. Being a lifesaving professional quality is the main pillar of his career. Here in Allied College Of Health Sciences, Multan Quality Enhancement Cell is striving from beginning of his career i.e. education. Q.E.C has been Instrumental in driving positive change and continuous improvement, within the institution.


Our mission is to elevate medical and pharmacy education to new heights through our unwavering commitment to quality assurance and the pursuit of excellence. With a strong focus on total quality standards, we continuously strive to implement a robust quality management system that ensures the delivery of exceptional quality education. Through a collective effort, we have fostered a culture that upholds the highest standards across all facets of our institution. We believe that quality is not just a goal but also a journey of continuous improvement. Our dedicated QEC team consistently working towards enhancing every aspect of our educational programs, curriculum design, teaching methodologies, faculty development plan and provision of the state-of-the-art facilities.


To make & achieve standards for: -
1) Education.
2) Evaluation & Monitoring.
3) Input Feed Back Mechanisms.
4) Practical Implementation and Compliance
5) Accreditation & Compliance
6) Professional Development
7) Collaborations & Engagements


As we continue our Quality Enhancement Journey to make Medical & Pharmacy Education in Allied College Of Health Sciences, Multan at the best so far it is a declared fact that we are top institute in professional studies in the area. I appreciate Q.E.C team for exceptional efforts, with hope to continue to excel and make a difference.
Mashhood Iqbal      
Assistant Professor
Convenor QEC          
our priorties

Members of Q.E.C

1) Dr. Mueen Ahmad Ch. (Member)
2) Dr. Sufyan Ali Ghumman (Executive Member)
3) Fazal-Ur-Rehman Sajid Chugtai (Member)
4) Dr. Muhammad Sohail Iqbal (Member)